3 Errors to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name Generator

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Knowing the name to give your website is like securing a golden boot in World Cup. Your domain name is the virtual representation of your business. Also, it is the component that tells visitors where you are located in the online arena. However, the process of coming with an acceptable name can be tricky and tedious. It is for this reason IT developers came up with domain name generators to ease this process.

Like any other idea, copying and pasting is still a norm in domain sector. Today, there are a thousand plus generators. Nevertheless, not every generator is a good idea for you. If you are in the process of coming up with a domain name, here are three killer errors to avoid when choosing a domain name generator:

Ignoring the availability checking

Imagine you are in the process of searching for a domain name. You log on to a list of domain name generators listed on the Google results and decide to go with one. Then, you progress to finding a domain name and get the one you feel is unique and easy to recall. However, when you head on to register it, a message displays “sorry the domain name is taken.”

How would you feel? Disappointment will crown you. To avoid such a scenario, it is advisable to check whether your generator offers you an opportunity to confirm your domain availability.

No opportunity to save your name

Searching for a domain name is not a through pass. It consumes a lot of time. Even with the help of a domain name generator, you have to shed some sweat. Now, imagine going through these challenges and then lose your name. When choosing a generator, you need to consider whether it is offering you an opportunity to save your domain name of choice.

This way, you will ensure no one takes your name as it will be withdrawn from the search results. Also, you can use it in future if your current budget does not enable you to proceed with domain registration process.

Disregarding the domain extensions available

Well, a domain name is incomplete without the extension. Hence, you need to know the best extension to associate with it. Some domain name generators display the possible connection and recommend a suitable option for enhancing your SEO ranking. At times, you may disregard these suggestions. Doing so can be the worst mistake as you may go for the option that will not work best for your site.


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