3 Tips for Generating a Good Domain Name

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No monkey business. Having a good domain name can be the only weapon you need to win the online competition. Think of names like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Uber. All these names are capturing audience attention. As an upcoming webpreneur, the name you associate with your website can be a break or make for your business.

While it might appear as a simple affair, it is not a walk in the park. The domain you choose is your ID in the virtual platform. Visitors will know you by it and attach perceptions on it. So, you must be conscious when selecting one. To ease your task, here are three tips for generating a killer domain name:

   Make sure it is brandable

Branding is a crucial affair for every business. You must establish yourself as a brand of choice to drive sales. When it comes to the online platforms, the name you give to your website determines whether customers will associate with your brands or they will avoid them. Take it this way: you are dealing with cosmetic products. When selecting your website name, you decide to go for cosmeticsfromhell.com.

Do you think customers will come running to your page? In a dream, it can happen. In simple language, select a name that will be easy to brand and which your audience will have a desire to own its products.

   Make it short and memorable

It is not dramatic that short names are memorable. Talk about Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Airbus, and so on. These names are easy to memorize. It can be an additional wonder

of the world if someone forgets the name Google. As you embark on your domain name selection, it is crucial to focus on shortness and memorability.

Ensure what you associate with a domain extension is easy for customers to remember. Important to note is that customers do not have a whole hour to think about the name you call your website. If they cannot recall it, means no visitors to your website.

   Make it simple to spell

Imagine calling your website magastemastikician.com. Do you think people will be able to spell the name correctly? Probably, it will be hard for you too. Having a unique name does not mean getting a dictionary and searching for the hardest term. Rather, it is all about coming up with an easy to spell and remember the word. So, if you want to make a breakthrough online, go for simplicity.

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